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First and foremost, I just want to clarify I will be giving you an unrestricted unbiased and honest Pro Flight Simulator review.  What your about to read are the ESSENTIAL details you need to know before downloading the software.

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So what exactly is the Pro Flight Simulator Software?

Originally developed as an alternative to professional flight simulators for pilot training.

Dubbed the ‘The Most Realistic Flight Sim on the Market’, it gives you the experience of flying right from your very own computer. As it is based on actual world data everything from terrain, aircraft reactions, to planetary alignments & movements makes it realistic.

So what makes it so REALSTIC?

Pro flight makes it realistic by giving you real controls, aircrafts and scenery.

  • Real Controls:-
     It has been based on real life cockpits, so when you select an aircraft the instruments are just the same as the real one. You get to control everything including releasing the brakes to raising the wheels. The command center is life like giving the pilot genuine true to life flying experience.Anything that could go wrong normally can go wrong here, just like in the real world. A great way to practice for emergency situations for any pilot is engine failures and system malfunctions.

  • Real Aircrafts:-
    What is your ultimate aircraft? You could chose to fly anything from the latest military fighter jets, a 747, A320, Boeing 777, Airbus 380 to numerous helicopters. All the aircrafts and helicopters are as realistic as they are in real life. With over a hundred to choose from there is something for everyone. There are over 120 + aircrafts to fly which is way more than what the Microsoft flight simulator offers.

  • Real scenery:-
    Where do you feel like flying today? You can fly to anywhere in the world, over the great wall of China, the Opera house in Sydney to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The scenery is as close as you could get to the real thing. Fly and explore the world, I get to have 2 of my passions put together travel and flying. It is fed the information from Google maps so it is always accurate, why not test it out and see if you can fly over your suburb or even your house. And to top it off for added realism you can fly through rain, hail or sunshine, all controlled by you, why not even give flying through a lightning storm a try……..

I’ve looked at several flight simulators over the last few months and don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some good ones.  However this was the first one that had REALISIM factor. Not to mention the variety of aircraft’s that I was after.

This is a Pro Flight Simulator Review:- Click here to visit the Official Website

Don’t just take my review of the software; here is what other users are saying:

“Better Than Microsoft Flight Sim BY FAR! “

” This is the most complete and thorough aircraft package available. WAY MORE COMPREHENSIVE THAN Microsoft Flight Simulator Deluxe, BY FAR!!!!!! ”
John Harvey – Sydney, Australia

“Absolutely Top Notch. Amazingly Accurate.”

” I have hundreds of hours in PC-based 777 simulators and this Pro Flight Simulator experience is absolutely top notch. Everything in the cockpit is modeled very accurately – and you get to control every switch, button, and handle. Very immersive! ”
Jim Hudson – Lincoln, UK

” The Realism Of The Simulation Is Second To None… ”

” Airplane simulation games for your PC just doesn’t get any better than this. Been playing this for a few weeks now. It definitely kicks ass. The realism of the simulation is second to none.”
Ed Dale – Compton, CA


What are the BAD things?

Just like every product and book I have ever reviewed, nothing is perfect and here are the bad points.

–       This is a realistic game with realistic controls and for the experienced flyers they will pick it up and soar, but for the 1st timers it isn’t like your X box or Nintendo games and may take a bit of practice to master the take-off and landings just like in real life, and it sure worth it when you do.

–       You need a fast internet connection as the download is rather big, if you don’t than expect it to take a couple of hours, so you will need to be patient.

And how about the GOOD things?

–       It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee with no questions asked. So you have nothing to lose for giving it a try. I don’t know too many products that come with that.

–       I have seen other simulators that cost thousands of dollars and for the price this is the most realistic one I have come across. If you want the REALISM and REALISTIC factor this is the product for you.

–       100% free updates and upgrades for life. One of my pet hates is buying a product that is outdated 1 or 2 years later and you are buying a new product, not with this one. In 10 years’ time you will be still playing the most up to date version.

–       Comes with a multiplayer option, you can either team up with other Pro Flight Sim pilots to fly in formations or perform aerobatic tricks or try air to air refueling. If you have friends that also have the Flight Simulator Software you can fly together for added fun.

Overall, what do I think?

Pro Flight Simulator
, in my eyes is one of the most realistic flight sim’s on the market today. Not only does it have one of the largest selections of aircraft’s including helicopters that would please any flight enthusiast. The real life cockpit and controls give you the feeling that you really are flying the plane. Add on the real world scenery with its landmarks and you truly do believe you are at the helm of one of the most important aircraft’s  I am sure you will find yourself unable to break away as you will be addicted as I was. Whether you are an avid gamer, aviation enthusiast or pilot in training Pro Flight Simulator is well worth a try. You won’t regret it!

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This is a Pro Flight Simulator Review:- Click here to visit The Official Website


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Looking for a Simulator Flight Yoke and Rudder Pedals for Real Pilots

If you haven’t read my main post Pro Flight Simulator review then feel free to check it out.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a Simulator Flight Yoke and Rudder Pedals for Real Pilots then you might find this video of interest.

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Not just planes – Who wants a helicopter flight simulator?

Modern games have helped put amateur pilots in the cockpits of their favorite planes, but what about those folks whose dream of flight would be better served by a helicopter flight simulator game? The helicopter seems to be the forgotten aircraft in the flight simulator world, but not anymore. Pro Flight Simulator is one of the few online aircraft games that give as much attention to the helicopter as it does to planes, which is as it should be. Helicopters may not have the distance capabilities of planes, but they are just as important as their winged brothers in the world of aviation.
pro-flight-simulatorIt’s one thing to know that there is a helicopter flight simulator on the market, but the biggest questions that still remain are what type of helicopter you get to fly and how realistic is the experience. Think about all the different types of helicopters you have seen in your life and you’ll realize that they are as varied in style and design as airplanes. There are the larger military choppers, complete with guns and other weaponry, as well as TV news and weather helicopters that you see in the sky every day. If you are a helicopter enthusiast, you probably want a flight simulator game that gives you a couple of different options. How about 18 different helicopters? That’s exactly how many you get to choose from in Pro Flight Simulator.
As for the question about the reality of flying a virtual helicopter, you need only play the game once to see that the makers have included every tiny little detail that you would get in real flight. Those details go beyond the way in which the helicopter handles and the instrumentation of the interior. When you look out of the window of your virtual helicopter cockpit you will be treated to landscapes and environments that are instantly recognizable. Throw in thousands of real world airports, rendered in incredible detail, and you have the one of the greatest online aircraft games ever made.
The beauty of this particular game is that it will appeal to aviation buffs of all kinds. Even if you have a love of helicopters, you are probably still going to want to get into the virtual cockpit of a plane as well. It’s all well and good to master take-offs and landings in an aircraft that you have become familiar with, but what about something like a jumbo jet? Imagine how it would feel rumbling down the runway of one of the world’s most iconic airport, and the feeling you will get as you successfully navigate an aircraft of that size off the ground. Sure, you know that you are still sitting in your home office, but the game is so real, you will be guaranteed a few moments where you will forget your location and believe that you are at the helm of a plane or helicopter.

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Flight Simulator Software & Hardware – Flying an aircraft virtually

If you have heard of flight simulator hardware and thought it was only for aspiring pilots, think again. It is now possible to have a realistic flying experience without ever stepping away from your computer. There are a number of different flight simulator software programs on the market, but deciding which is best for you requires a little bit of research. You might be happy with a basic RC flight simulator if you are interested in the fun side of flight, or you might go way of many people in aviation academies across the world that choose a flight simulator that helps them learn to fly. Your choice of flight simulator software will then come down to the list of features in each individual product.

You can choose to control your flight simulator software in a number of different ways. It can be as simple as using your keyboard to control your virtual plane, or as realistic as attaching flight simulator hardware directly to your computer so that you can use a joystick, controls, and pedals as you would if you were really flying.

The latest simulation products come with features and graphics that are incredible in their authenticity. As you “fly,” you will see famous landmarks, rivers and cities pass beneath your wings. Flight simulation software is also designed to help you with the intricacies of take-offs and landings, all of which can be controlled by the hardware. If you are already enrolled in flying school, these types of programs can really help hone your skills.
Despite their differences, the goal of every flight sim is to provide you with as real a flying experience as possible. While you might believe that you could never master the complexities of flying, the programs are designed in a way to make the whole thing very user friendly and easy to understand. Taking control of flight simulator hardware attached to your computer may very well be enough to inspire you to try the real thing. It’s for this very reason that the makers of flight simulator programs and hardware have to make their software as authentic as they can. If you do have designs on taking flying lessons on the future, it’s worth spending a little more on software and hardware that has a high level of realism, making the transition from computer desk to cockpit as smooth as possible.
For example, attaching a yoke to your computer will allow you get a real feel for controlling the aircraft by pushing and pulling on it. These movements closely mimic those that are used inside a real cockpit. As mentioned earlier, there are all kind of different flight simulator software options to choose from, which may force you to decide between control and graphics. A program that focuses heavily on making sure that the control of the plane feels right may skimp on the graphics, whereas a graphic laden game that revels in details may not have flight control that is truly close to the real deal. Given the choice, most people that invest in flight simulators choose for control, which is why FLIGHT SIM PRO is the simulator choice of expert pilots and aviation novices alike.

If you have a dream of taking to the friendly skies and being the one in control of the aircraft, then you have to choose the flight simulator software that will give you the best opportunity to do so. In order to take your virtual flying to the next level, the addition of flight simulator hardware is also something that should be considered a must.

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What you need to know before you buy an online game flight simulator

If you have ever dreamed of flying a plane, but are too afraid to do so, you can still get the experience by using an online game flight simulator. Now you can fly without ever getting off the ground, but what can you expect from your software?

1. How real is a flight simulator?

There are a couple of different factors that have to be addressed before this question can be properly answered. It basically boils down to the technology used in the flight simulator, but it also depends on the type of plane. A fighter jet and a commercial airliner are totally different beasts and thus handle differently. Fighter pilots were among the first to make use of flight simulators, using them to become more accurate at hitting targets on the ground, without ever having to be in harm’s way, of course.

2. Why use a flight simulator?

There are numerous reasons why a flight simulator is a useful tool in the training of pilots. The most obvious benefits can be found in safety and cost. A pilot can train a risky manoeuvre as many times as necessary without using up costly resources and risking his life in the process.

3. Other uses of flight simulation
While flight simulators have always been used in the training of pilots, the advancement of home computer technology now makes it easy for the average gamer to experience flight on their PC. Each passing year see flight simulation software become more and more advanced, allowing for the addition of new features and graphics that make the experience all the more realistic.

4. What types of environments are available for flight simulation?

Just about any type of landscape or setting you can imagine can now be applied to the flight simulator software. That can be anything from the cockpits of various planes, to runways, terrains, and even famous landmarks. There is even the option to adjust the weather settings so that the pilot can experience all of the elements. The advancements made in flight simulation means that the experiences delivered in the virtual world are as close to real life as is humanly possible. This allows the pilot to prepare for just about any possible scenario that could be encountered in real world flight.
Technology continues to move forward, meaning that each new flight simulator is likely to be even more realistic that the one that went before. It really is only a matter of time before everyone can claim to have experienced life in the cockpit without ever having moved from the comfort of their home office.

Your dream of sitting in a flight sim cockpit can now very easily come true with an online game flight simulator, but you will want to make sure that you choose the right flight simulator software so that you can get the most out of the experience. That means choosing one that also allows you to add flight simulator hardware so that you can take the controls and leave the keyboard behind.

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Enjoy Flying With An Online Game Flight Simulator

A virtual program that accurately replicates the act of flying an aircraft is known as a flight simulator. The most basic flight sim can be installed and played on a computer, whereas professional versions may include a fabricated cockpit placed on a hydraulic actuator and controlled using a series of advanced computer technologies. There are multiple practical uses for flight simulators in the aviation industry. These range from the training of pilots and crew to the research, development, and eventual design of military aircraft. It’s also not uncommon to see a flight simulator used by aerospace companies to test new and existing on board hardware and software.
The most common use for flight simulators is in the training of pilots. Novice pilots are usually assigned to Part Task Trainers (PPT) in order get accustomed to aircraft systems. When they need to practice drills and checks, they move up to a Cockpit Procedures Trainer (CPT), before moving up to Full Flight Simulators (FFS). The latter of the three flight simulators are constructed with moving platforms which are designed to deliver movement that encompasses all six degrees of freedom. The interior also gives the pilot a realistic display of the outside world as it would look when really flying. This type of flight simulation offers the trainee pilot all of the sight, sounds, and feelings they would get in a real cockpit, all delivered by a Control Loading System.
Flight simulation has become a critical step in the training of pilots. This is because the flight simulator can provide the trainee with everything that could possibly happen while they are in the cockpit. This includes all of the potential problems that a pilot might encounter during the course of a flight, such as engine and aircraft system failures.

The technological advancement of home computers now means that flight simulators can now be used on a home computer. They are of course a lot more basic than professional flight simulators, but every game on the market does its best to achieve a level of realism that will make them appeal to a wide audience. The different aircraft and environments included in these games make them perfect for the casual gamer all the way up to the trainee pilot looking to improve his skills.
Such is the popularity of online game flight simulators, you can now actually find them for free. It’s worth noting that not every flight sim is created equal, so you will want to find one that offers a Real Time Flying experience, and the free ones are very basic and limited to only one or a couple of aircraft’s

If you ask people that have played a number of different flight simulation programs, you’ll find that they will tell you to stop wasting your money on inferior software releases and simply choose Flight Sim Pro.

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